Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Answer: A person you have never heard of who actually has a chance to be elected President on Nov 8.

Question:  Who is Evan McMullin?

A client turned me on to the website FiveThirtyEight (thanks, Jeff!), which has all kinds of data-driven  articles.  I subscribe to their daily 'Significant Digits' email with quirky figures and statistics, and find it an interesting diversion.

One recent article on their site explained how independent Presidential candidate Evan McMullin has a legitimate chance of becoming President.  While they characterize his chances as 'slim-but-not-none', the article details how if the conservative, Mormon McMullin could win Utah he has perhaps as much as a 3% chance of becoming our next President.  Not likely, but also not something you hear about in the mainstream news.

The article is a really interesting peek into the process and potentially arcane rules of electing our President. And at a minimum it's a welcome break from politics as usual!

Whether or not you would prefer that we elect an unknown quantity to either of the two known evils main candidates, knowing who Evan McMullin is and how the 12th Amendment could allow him to become our 45th President with only a tiny percent of the popular vote will make you the most popular conversationalist at your Halloween party this weekend!


  1. Thank you john i will register and see what comes.

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